LiveGreenFest 2010

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you'll have noticed that the "go green" campaign to save our planet has been rolling strong for a while now. There have been fashion shows, demonstrations, festivals, and manufacturers have been making more and more goods and devices out of recyclable materials. All of this in is order to get … [Read more...]

Is San Antonio Ready for Chelsea?

Don't be Fooled by the Pretty Face, Chelsea is going to Have San Antonio Laughing Histerically

Hey Costa Bella! After a long day its always great to have a good laugh. In fact there have been scientific studies that show that laughter is good for stress and even burning calories. But that's besides the point. If you are a fan of Chelsea Lately on the E! network then you will want to be at the San Antonio Municipal Auditorium on Friday, October 1st. … [Read more...]

Embrace the Cultures in San Antonio: 2010 Matsuri (Japanese Festival)

See Japanese dances and more at the 2010 Matsuri (Japanese Festival)

Hey Costa Bella Apartments residents! Being that there are so many cultures living around the San Antonio area, it only makes sense to hold festivals honoring these cultures. One such festival is the 2010 Matsuri, or Japanese Festival. Being that I took some Japanese classes in college, I'm very interested in the culture. If you're interested in it as … [Read more...]

Adopt From A Shelter to Get Your New Furry Family Member!

Your new furry friend is waiting on you!

I’m a strong believer in adopting pets from animal shelters. These animals come spayed/neutered, oftentimes microchipped, and up to date on shots.  This is all covered under the adoption fee which normally ranges from $50 to $300. When it comes to pet stores, the animals aren’t cared for as well as they would be at a shelter, and the prices are … [Read more...]

Carrie Underwood in Concert in San Antonio!

Hey everyone at Costa Bella Apartments! Take the wheel...and drive down to the AT&T Center to see Carrie Underwood live in Concert! Carrie Underwood, America's Sweetheart, will be performing live at the AT&T Center on October 7th, so there's plenty of time for you to get a ticket! Word to the wise, you may want to go ahead and get your ticket, as … [Read more...]

What kind of contest would you like to have @ Costa Bella Apartments?

Hey Costa Bella Apartments residents! In order to keep everyone actively engaged, and to make your stay here at Costa Bella more enjoyable, we’ve decided to have you all decide the next event! The events to decide between are a pet contest, balcony decorating contest, or a photo scavenger hunt. Which are you more likely to participate in? Cast your … [Read more...]

Upcoming Festival in San Antonio: Jazz’SAlive!

San Antonio can never go too long without some kind of music festival. Next up to the plate is the Jazz'SAlive Festival! This is where jazz lovers can unite and sit back with a glass of wine to enjoy the melodious tunes that will fill the San Antonio night air. Fall will just be beginning, since the festival is on September 22nd and 23rd, so it may be a … [Read more...]

DOS XX Taste of the River Walk

Hey Costa Bella Apartments! Are you ready for Taste of the River Walk? It's not necessarily a Labor Day Weekend in San Antonio activity as it takes place next week, but it's definitely something to keep your eyes peeled for. So what exactly Taste of the River Walk? For those of you that haven't attended one, it's a way to sample culinary offerings from … [Read more...]

Like Homemade Crafts? You’ll Love the Arts and Crafts Fair at the River Walk!

See Amazing Arts & Crafts @ the Arts & Crafts Fair!

Are you a person that's really into homemade arts and crafts? I know a few people that are, and they love to fill their homes with various knick knacks and antiques that they'd find around road shows, craft shows, or from various vendors along the road. Oftentimes, these are the hidden jewels of the arts and craft world. If you would like to see some of the … [Read more...]