Frito Lay Leaves No Environmental Footprint

The Frito Lay Corporation  has been a front runner in conservation efforts for over 70 years.  Not only do they care about making the best snacks on Earth, but they want to do it without leaving their environmental footprint on the planet. Never have  I seen so many efforts made by a corporation to conserve natural resources. Here are just a few ways Frito Lay, a proud member of PepsiCo, is making a difference in our lives and the planet.

 Frito Lay has always been committed to making  products which support the environment instead of harming it. At their plant in Modesto, California, they use huge solar panels to harness solar energy to help make Sun Chips. The EPA has recognized them for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and the plant in Casa Grande, AZ will soon run almost entirely on recycled water and renewable energy while reducing waste going to the landfill to less than 1%. This should take place by the year 2011.

Recently, they have introduced a new bag for Sun Chips which is entirely compostable. After 4 years of research and testing, Sun Chips are now packaged in a bag that will totally disintegrated in 14 weeks.  Considering how much Frito Lay has given, both in tireless efforts and countless monetary resources, I encourage you to buy Frito Lay products and support the well-being and health of ourselves and our planet.

If you would like to view the 46 Steps Frito Lay is taking to a healthier planet, please visit their website at

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